Friday, March 26, 2010


Sundays are of my favorite days here.

Sundays we get to sleep in (although we do have a house guest every Saturday night - who started coming for English classes, but has since began attending the mission services on Saturday nights too - but he rises way earlier, at 4:00am, to walk home, which takes 6 hours, before the heat of day. I leave some snacks out for him to take.)

Sundays we also get to have a bible study with the youth. Often, these studies are led by the youth, and it's very interesting to see the passages they pick to pick-over, and how they apply these to their lives. They have definitely been ministering to us, too.

Sundays we also get to just hang out with the youth after the bible study. When the studies are held at our house, the kids usually hang out until their parents start calling (although we try to have them home before this point). When we host them elsewhere, we're usually there all day.

Here are a few pictures from a Sunday a few weeks ago (when Ben was here).

They spent the morning making hockey sticks...

then hosted the study on a community member's porch

then it was hockey afternoon in Costa Rica!

This was the first time any of the kids have played hockey. They were quite concerned about playing 'soccer with sticks,' as it sounded dangerous.

But once they got into it, it didn't seem to matter any more!

And, because we are in Latin America, hockey was followed by a game of soccer!
It was great, many members of the community joined in.

Tom and Ben did a great job keeping up. I, on the other hand, stuck to photographing the event.... Someone had to do it! ;)

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