Saturday, March 27, 2010



My other 'favoritest' day of the week.

On Tuesday mornings I have Ana, our Spanish teacher, all to myself. I get three hours of instruction to learn, review, and ask any questions I want. Tom's much better at Spanish than I am, so 3 blissful hours of one-on-one is so amazing to have. Ana and I have become pretty good friends over these last few months.

There's usually a woman's meet Tuesday afternoons. Through these meets I've met a lot of women in the community, many mothers of the youth we work with too. We do a bible study, followed by an hour or two of coffee and chatting.

Tuesday evenings we run English classes from our home. I love these nights. We have students that range from neighborhood kids to one that comes all the way from the Chirripo mountains.
You can only imagine my delight when this past Tuesday the class morphed into English/Spanish/Cabecar lessons!! After an hour and a half or so of English, we get to relax a little more, play games, and eat some snacks.

Enjoy some Tuesday pics!

Ana and I!

The women's Christmas get together. Full house!

Tuesday night English class.

English, Spanish, Cabecar!

English class with Laura and Liz!


Red said...

Say Hi to Ana for us. I really enjoyed visiting her parents.

Q&L said...

great sense of community :)