Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts from our short-term missionaries - Laura's Experience

I went to Costa Rica the week of March 1st. There is really so much to say! Here are just a few of my thoughts:

I had never been out of North America before. It was eye opening and challenging. I discovered very quickly that people there are very accepting and hospitable. One example of this is that Candice and Tom have a neighbour named Macha. She is like a mother to Tom and Candice there. She works very hard and is the one who often takes in students studying at the Spanish school. If you are lost somewhere in the nearby towns and tell a taxi to go to Macha’s house it will go. They know that’s where the foreigners go! She went out of her way to make us feel welcomed. She made us lunch one day and a native snack another day. She came over one night and shared some of her life story. I immediately liked her. I learned much from her is a short time. Another day Candice and I went to have coffee at Marta’s house, a local and a mother of some of Candice’s youth group girls. She went out of her way too to feed us and to show us her garden. She cut down sugar cane for me to try and I ate fruits right off her trees! You don’t do that in Montreal! I was able to meet her daughters for the first time that day and discovered that one of her daughters already owns her own business as a seamstress. It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed seeing how people live and work day to day.

I was given the task of planning the Bible studies for the young ladies retreat to the beach on the last day of our trip. I plan Bible studies all the time, but it is harder to do when you are trying to be culturally sensitive and say things that would be relevant to girls growing up in this very different culture. I have to admit it took me a while! It was very worth it in the end though being able to share with these girls and spend the day learning together. It was a 4.5 hour drive to the beach!  People don’t just go to the beach around there and many have never gone. It was helpful to discuss young women’s issues away from the men and be able to be very open and candid with each other. We had a great time too!!! It’s all about people.

We attended church on Saturday. Man do they ever know how to worship! The two man band sounded like a full 10 man team. Liz and I also helped with the Alpha course’s Holy Spirit week, we taught English as a second language and spent time with the youth group. I learned so much in just a week and know that I will not ever forget this experience. God protected us and taught me things about myself and other people that I could not have learned at home.


God Bless, 

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Zander said...

Hi T & C!
We really miss you in Winnipeg!
I think its great what you're doing in Costa Rica, I hope you stay safe! I'm sorry I couldn't make a snow angel for you, the snow melted literally days ago...
But I attempted to make a grass angel! (Note: Grass and jeans do not go together well.)

Stay well!