Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I could make you a list of activities, events, conversations, and actions that Tom and I have responded to 'a call to do' over the past few months, without feeling actually capable of doing them.
In a different culture, land, and language, some of these calls have include:

  • Leading bible studies
  • Creating and leading a youth group
  • Running the Alpha course
  • Preaching (!)
  • Doing visitation ministries
  • Teaching English
  • Translating
  • etc.
But we've found that each time we responded, whether or not we felt ready to, everything worked out.  And, at times, worked out way better than expected.  Worked out perfectly? By no means. But, I truly believe that when we respond to a call, we will be given all that we need, in good timing.

However, as I eluded to in a previous post, you need to give thought to what defines 'success' in these situations?  One could say that if you didn't succeed to the fullest degree, then why didn't you give the task to someone else in the first place? If you weren't qualified for such a position, why would you take it on? I think we need to adjust our goals and objections from results-based North Americanism to an appreciation of what may be happening at a deeper level, for the Lord. A wise man once told us that if you feel a call, but unqualified to fulfill it and therefore first seek to obtain qualification and get all yours ducks in a row before answering the call, it will probably be too late.
God calls people where they are, how they are. And it's up to us to respond, no matter how unqualified we feel.

(Click here for the site I stole this list from.)

• Noah was a drunk
• Abraham was too old
• Isaac was a daydreamer
• Jacob was a liar and a thief
• Leah was ugly
• Joseph was abused and sold by his own brothers
• Moses stuttered and was a murderer
• Gideon was afraid
• Samson was a womanizer
• Rahab was a prostitute
• Jeremiah and Timothy were too young
• David had an affair and was a murderer
• Elijah was suicidal
• Isaiah preached naked
• Jonah ran from God
• Naomi was a widow
• Peter denied Christ
• Paul killed Christians

I'm not comparing ourselves to these people, but there is something to be said about simply responding and doing it anyways. 

So, what happened at the conference, you ask? Not too much. I translated for some parts (with help from the audience), but there just so happened to be a bilingual someone show up on each day and were willing to take the meat of it, and let me fill in when needed.

And is worked out great. Way better than I ever expected. Worked out perfectly? By no means. But I do strongly believe that simply answering yes to a call, and going through with it is success. For in saying yes, you are being obedient to your Lord, your Father. And what's more important than that?

The fact that I didn't cry was just a bonus! ;)

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