Friday, February 12, 2010

Your thoughts, please.

Now, in your opinion, when asked to do something outside of your capabilities and, out of servant-hood for our Good Lord, you said yes, how would 'success' be defined?

Let's take a random example of the many we've situations like this that we've been challenges with over the past few months, k?  How about.... translating at a Christian Women's Conference.

Now, to set the stage, your translation abilities are not up to the level they would need to be to undertake this. Nevertheless, you've been asked, and for at least one of the days there are just no other options. So you understand that in service to God, you must say yes.  The speaker is an amazing Christian Psychotherapist from the states, speaks no Spanish, and likes to talk (those are her words). There are 30 women staring back at you (so, like, 60 eyes), plus her's.

Your abilities can (almost) handle: Casual conversations, serious conversation, leading youth bible studies, and that sort of stuff. Now, keep in mind that in all of these listed 'can-do' activities include charades and help and patience from your conversation partner.

Because it seems our readers are a little shy to comment (or it's too complicated) let's take a vote! How would you define 'success'? Here are the long answers, please see the right-hand side-bar near the top of this page for a shorter version and a place to click your vote.

A) The fact that you said yes, got up in the morning, and did, indeed, go to the location of the conference
B) The fact that you didn't cry, or run away at the conference (and nor did anyone else)
C) Some concepts were communicated, with much help from the audience
D) Most concepts were communicated, with a bit of help from the audience
E) Complete communication between English speaker and Spanish audience.

Which would define 'success' in your mind?

Click beside the one you think, and then click 'vote'!


ypom said...

It is rather a blessing that you are working from English to Spanish... at least even if the speaker is a fast talker you will still KNOW what was said... my advice? skip the doctor talk and translate the thought into people speak :) PS I almost voted for the "didn't cry, or run away" option, but just as a joke because you know it will go well.

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