Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

Oh dear.

I have been asked to translate (from English to Spanish) at a 2-day ladies conference this week in Tuis.


Being given only 2 days notice and being a total novice in the Spanish language, I am feeling very inadequate and incapable of doing this.

Um, could you lend me some words? Please?

Please pray for wisdom, for words, and for confidence that the Holy Spirit is the one who is speaking anyways... Please pray for patience for the Pastor who is leading the conference, and for all of the ladies attending the conference. Please pray that this time will be a time of growing closer to God and to each other.

Thank you.


Candice said...

For the record:

We all survived the first day... But I only translated for bout a 1/4 of it, because a fluent friend was there. But... tomorrow I'm all on my own!! Please keep the prayers coming!!

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