Friday, February 26, 2010

Update: Please STOP praying for more chickens... lol!

Wow, the Lord has provided!!

It looks like we are up to a possible 27 chickens to bring to Chirripo! At this point, I wish they could fly... Cuz our arms are going to be tired!

But in all seriousness, please keep praying for his trip, because prayer works ;) and we need a lot of help with this venture!


Q&L said...

more chickens, more chickens!! Jesus, please send more chickens

Candice said...

Lyla! No no no no...

Not MORE chickens, now it's chicken logistics that we need prayer for!

ypom said...

What exactly would you like us to pray for?? Maybe you need a HORSE to help carry the load?? or a herding dog to hurry them along?? at least if these are not baby chicks you might look forward to a few fresh eggs for breakfast everyday :)

Candice said...

Update: We were offered 16 more chickens today. This is nuts!

What to pray for?
Logistics and transportation of all goods (including the chickens) to the remote community, strength and health for each team member and porter, as well as wisdom and words while to ensure knowledge transfer takes place for each project.

Thank you!